A detailed history of the first seven years of Strathmore Cricket Club (including the two years as OASFCC) was written for publication in More News during the 1989-90 season as the first of what was intended to be ten two season pieces leading up to the club's 20th anniversary.

In 2007 it was put online alongside an archive of Strathmore Sports Club's original 1996-97 websites with little more than spelling corrections and so needs to be read in the context of where the cricket club was up to in 1990. It was written by Tony Smith and may seem to mention him disproportionately, even if in the third person, but that may not be a too inaccurate picture of how it was.

Those original articles are here split into their seven separate seasons and followed by a couple of other historical reports Tony wrote: a much shorter summary of the first decade that he had to abbreviate even further to present at the cricket club's 30th anniversary commemoration and a report covering the historical context of our first top grade senior premiership team from 1988.