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The More News Team

Contributors Grant EdmondsonIn Passing9379 7260
Peter Owen"A" Grade9354 2344
Typing Lyn Griffiths
phone/fax:9374 1035
Deliver reports by 6:00pm Tuesday to:
2 Heselden Street Essendon
Design Tony Smithphone: 9338 7111fax: 9338 7311
E-mail reports by 6:00pm Wednesday
Advertising Greg Marcy9338 9534

Design Considerations


Ideally, this kind of site should only require a couple of hours a week of routine maintenance. This has been achieved because of the systems which have long been in place for the production of More News and through an update to our systems for collecting weekly data on club activities. That latter update has significantly increased the amount of data the club is recording each week at the same time as getting this work done over the weekend rather than taking extra time during the week.

Web Changing Times

This project is intended to demonstrate the novel sense of time which is embodied in the medium of the Web--an issue which I intend to examine in some detail at another site. In this site we maintain long term historical records of the Sports Club and its playing divisions alongside the weekly accumulation of match details and team reports. A significant part of More News is dedicated to forthcoming matches and other club activities which progressively cease to be "forthcoming" as the weeks roll by.

A Community Project

Football and cricket premiership photos, honour boards and sponsors' signs adorn the internal walls of Strathmore Sports Club. But much more of the clubs' history is locked away in a back cupboard, stored at the homes of club officials, or almost forgotten in private collections. We see the Web as offering an interesting opportunity to expose and organise much of this material, and consider that involvement in that project could provide an interesting introduction to the potential of the medium which could well be taken up by a local school.

Technical Issues

Most of our computer-based records, including the weekly production of the print version of More News is done in a Macintosh application which has almost been forgotten in the English-speaking world--RagTime 3. We have developed RagTime documents which automate the production of html which is for now pasted into the various pages which make up this site. For now, the design is intended to look best if you use Netscape 2.0 with as large as possible window on a 640 x 480 screen and all the status and command stuff which clutter the top of the window hidden away.

Site Development History

The paper version of More News has been published weekly from April to September since 1970 by Strathmore Football Club and fortnightly from October to March by Strathmore Cricket Club.

The electronic version of More News came online in June 1996. At the beginning of September, we were planning how to fold the old football season into a "living history" format in preparing for the impending cricket season.

By the time the first cricket More was ready for the printers, our original Internet Service Provider had become unreliable, so the project was put on hold until the start of the 1997 football season.

For the moment, we are only putting the basic More News up at our temporary site. However, a few bits still demand further work:

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Your Feedback is Very Welcome