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A Little Excitement

By far the most interesting story around the club over recent weeks has been the efforts of our Under 10 B side who have been forced to play in the Northern Suburbs Junior Football League which caters for youngsters who want to play football each week but who could not find a spot in the expanded structure of the Essendon District Football League.

Because of the ban on interchange of players between the two leagues, even within the same club, numbers in our Under 10 B team have been tight all season.

Previous experience with small grades suggested that the four teams in NSJFL Under 10 would be a very uneven competition, but nothing could be further from how it has turned out as our boys played in consecutive ties games with Lalor Lions and North Fawkner.

Then last week, "Confirmation" at St.Vincents had to be a first priority of a number of our players, but fortunately the NSJFL allows for interchange between teams so that a match can take place, so we were able to borrow four players from new club Meadow Heights and even more remarkably actually record a win.

Back to the Future

During the'80s it was widely assumed that the future of Strathmore Football and Cricket Clubs lay at Boeing Reserve, but after a resident's threats panicked the then Essendon Council into relocating Essendon Baseball Club to Boeing, financial considerations became the dominant factor in forcing the Strathmore clubs to commit to further development of the limited facilities at Lebanon Reserve. In the same period, uncertainty regarding the future of Essendon's use of Windy Hill kept Cross Keys off the consideration list and, as for the past 25 years, the closure of Essendon Airport was expected but not scheduled. Now, less that four years after Strathmore Sports Club opened at Lebanon Reserve, there are renewed rumblings.